Meyken is an expert in evidence based public policy making, policy evaluation and qualitative research methods.

She has a Phd in social and behavioral sciences and designed a groundbreaking model for public policy making. She specialised in the role of tacit knowledge and behavioral insights.

She has a broad work experience, including in several Committees of inquiry into political and governmental high profile issues.

Furthermore, Meyken is the founder and head- coach of CrossFit Eudokia Life Science & Healthy Ageing Academy. She is an experienced and internationally certified coach in lifestyle, nutrition, sports and CrossFit, and health psychologist with focus on healthy ageing.


Meyken has a broad interest in various topics, especially social and health related political and societal issues. She has the gift to thoroughly yet quickly dive into it.

Characteristic of Meyken is her ability to translate scientifically based insights into practical solutions. This hands-on approach reflects her own career. On the one hand research and advise on complex social and political issues. On the other hand lifestyle and sports coaching.

Furthermore, she is strongly involved in all her activities. She truly cares about what she does and for whom.


In the past, Meyken worked for several Dutch Committees of Inquiry. She the deputy research manager for the Dutch Committee of Inquiry into confiscation agreements (Oosting Committee I and II) and for the Committee of Inquiry into Sexual Abuse and Violence of minors in the Roman Catholic Church (Deetman Committee).

During that same period, she successfully achieved her Phd within three years. Her dissertation concerns innovative research into the relation between the quality of public policymaking and the effectiveness of public policy, specifically the role of tacit knowledge and behavioral insights.

In 2014 she started Flex Gym Mobile Health& Fitness for coaching in lifestyle and sports, with focus on Healthy Ageing and Positive Health. in 2021 this evolved into CrossFit Eudokia Life Science & Healthy Ageing Academy.

In thr past, Meyken worked for the National Court of Audit, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Defense in the field of policy research, political and policy advice, risk and management control and financial affairs. She fulfilled several positions in the private and public sector, including as an advisor and coach in public policy making and evaluation and as a coach in human resource management. Parallel to this, Meyken has been working since 1996 as a lifestyle and sports coach.

In addition to working fulltime, Meyken successfully achieved her degrees. She obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration in Human Resources Management at Hogeschool Rotterdam (2004), followed by a Master of Science in Sociology (2006) and a post Master of Science in Policy Research (2008) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2011 she obtained a Phd in Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Furthermore, she’s broadly educated and internationally certified in the field of lifestyle and sports coaching, and CrossFit (CCFT-L3) with specialisation in healthy ageing.